To this summer's Chaos Communication Camp, I brought a nice Tipi which hosted - besides being a permanent chillout and tea area - two short talks and subsequent discussions in the area of the following topics:


Version 1.0 of work-in-progress dealing w/ what I call operational security, which covers device security, encryption and redundancy as well as concepts of abstraction and modularization.


Inspired by the book from Marc Elsberg as well as by my numerous hiking and trekking adventures, this presentation covers topics that are surprisingly easy to implement for yourself and that you might consider important for your own survival.

Interestingly, some of the concepts included overlap w/ the ones in the previous talk, which might be seen as a proof for the fact that abstraction, modularization and the forming of functional groups seem to be an important base for efficiency in any system.

UPDATE: v2 of Blackout Survival emerged into COVID-19 info and is available @ https://geeksec.de/0.pdf


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